North Des Moines High School
Class of 1958
60th Reunion
September 14-15, 2018

07/08/13: Click here for all of the current information on your 55th reunion
Details for 60th Reunion Below
Friday, September 14, 2018
Time: 6:00PM-10:00PM    
Chucks Restaurant (back room) order from menu
3610 6th Avenue
Des Moines, IA
(515) 244-4104
picture from 1964 ad   map
Group Photo: Stover Photo
(515) 321-6691
  Candid photos
Saturday, September 15, 2018
Time: 5:00PM-10:00PM   East Party Room; $40.00/each
Smokey D's Restaurant
5055 NW 2nd Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 243-2747
Time: 5:00PM   Cash bar; meet and greet
Group Photo: Stover Photo
(515) 321-6691
  Group photos scheduled for 5:30PM outside on NE patio
Time: 6:00PM   Buffet: $40.00/each
Contribute raffle items to Sandra Hanselman Spahr by email, [email protected] or (515) 964-4330
Contact is Janis Jurgensen Meek by email, [email protected] or (515) 348-7270
Friday, September 20, 2013
Attire: Casual all weekend. In fact, the Saturday evening "banquet" has a western theme, so Levi's, jeans, and boots are welcome!
Time: 5:30PM-7:30PM   North High, 5th and Holcomb
  Gather at newly constructed North High School
Alumni Center and adjacent courtyard (in the school).

At 7:30pm, we adjourn to gather immediately at
Chicago Speakeasy Restaurant for the balance of the evening. Dinner is on your own, and a cash bar is available.
Time: 7:30PM   Chicago Speakeasy
1520 West Euclid Avenue
South Room
Des Moines, IA 50313-3010
(515) 243-3141

Chicaago Speakeasy

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Saturday: Evening buffet and entertainment at the new Smokey D's Restaurant. Plenty of free parking and good eats. Cash bar available. Your reunion suggestions are welcome on/before February 15th. Please e-mail to [email protected]
We need door prizes for the Saturday evening event. Let us know if you have any to contribute (email addresses below).
Continental Breakfast and visiting
Epworth United Methodist Church
412 Euclid Avenue
Des Moines, IA
Time: 6:00PM Smokey D's Restaurant
5055 NW 2nd Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 243-2747
Dinner: 7:00-10:30PM Dress: Casual. Jeans, boots, etc.
7:45PM Brief Program
Group Photo: Stover Photographic
(515) 981-4217
Group photo scheduled for all evening long
Please make your arrangements now to join us in September by reserving the reunion dates on your calendar, as well as booking your flights. We are trying to find lower lodging rates. To save some $$$, please contact us before you reserve your bunks.

Dollars for Scholars (DFS): Start saving your quarters and dollar bills now, so we can pool our resources to make a sizeable NHS58 group contribution to Dollars for Scholars. The sole purpose of the DFS program is to raise scholarship funds annually to help send deserving North High seniors to college-many of whom would not be able to attend college without DFS assistance. Next mailing/communiqué: Probably July with finalized details, registration form, fees, etc. Please watch for it in your USPS or e-mail box! To save copying and mailing costs, please e-mail your current e-mail address ASAP to Dick Prewitt ([email protected])

Have ideas/suggestions? Until June 30th, please e-mail [email protected] with your suggestions and ideas to make our 55th a memorable two days.
Friday, May 30, 2008
Time:Afternoon/4:00PM North High School Tour at school's
south entrance by polar bear
Time:5:00PM-7:00PM   Dinner on your own
Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM   Ankeny Diner
(Emerald Room, part of Best Western Motel)
133 SE Delaware Avenue
Ankeny, IA 50021-9771
Phone: (515) 964-7851
map (free parking, cash bar, snacks)
Saturday, May 31, 2008
Time: Breakfast/brunch   On your own
7:00AM - 9:45AM Check out:
Farmers Market (1st & 5th on Court Ave,
downtown-one block south of Walnut)
10:00AM-2:00PM Bus Tour: Start and finish at
Renaissance Savery Hotel
Tour to include: New Judicial Bldg (closed Sat.), Capitol; old Historical Bldg (now Ola Babcock Bldg.(closed Sat.); Capitol west lawn; new Historical Bldg; East Village; Des Moines River waterfront; old library (now World Food Prize); Court Ave. business district; skywalk development; new library; Masonic Temple (now a performing art venue); Younkers downtown (closed); Des Moines Public Schools' Central Campus (was old Tech High School) and Downtown School (a model for the U.Sl); Gray's Lake; Gateway Market and Restaurant (MLK & Woodland for a coffee break and to stretch our legs). If time permits, Saylorville lake and Spillway.
Time: 2:00PM - 5:30PM   Open
Saturday evening All evening activities in Grand Ballroom,
Mezzanine level, Renaissance Savery Hotel.
Renaissance Savery Hotel (block of rooms)
401 Locust Street (4th and Locust Streets)
Des Moines, IA 50309-2311
Phone: (515) 244-2151
Time: 5:30PM-6:00PM Cash bar and visiting
Group Photo: Stover Photo
(515) 981-4217
Photos scheduled for: 6:00-6:30PM
Time: 6:30PM - 7:00PM Program: door prizes, raffle
Time: 7:00PM - 8:00PM Dinner (Entrees: pork loin, vegetable
lasagna, chicken breast)
Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM 6-member band featuring Bob Weast Ensembl
Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00PM Caricatures by Gene Hamilton
Sunday, June 1, 2008
Time:Brunch/9:00-11:00AM   (cost included)
Clive Greenbelt Shelter
Continental breakfast and visiting
60th Reunion - Class of 1958 taken September 15, 2018
Starting first row, bottom left (23)
1st Row Marna Pugh Ford, Ermadell Freel Jensen, Helen Fortune Bailiff, Donna Yeast Stover, Janis Jurgensen Meek, Bev Switzer Johnson, Nancy Stafford Bollenbaugh, Carol Frank Arpy
2nd Row Richard Prewitt, Gary Greenwood, Sharon Horrocks Phipps, Karen Knudsen Stacey, Nancy Goldberg Richeson, Sandra Haselman Spahr, Nancy Burgeson Anderson, Gill Westlund, Warren Yoshida
3rd Row Jesse Locke, Bob Johnson, Dick Jensen, Jim Chambers, Richard Latch, Mark Stacey
Also Attending Friday night's function: Jim Wood, Sheryl Playle West
Enlarged left side of 60th reunion photo (above)
Enlarged right side of 60th reunion photo (above)
55th Reunion - Class of 1958 taken September 21, 2013
Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Sharon Horrocks Phipps, Karen Erickson Drake, Joann Sims Hector, Sara Beth Mathes Mitchell, Nancy Goldberg Richeson, Carolyn Evans Gier, Virginia Daly Olsan, Nancy Burgeson Anderson, Breta James Westlund, Barbara Moran Spong, Kay Mallicoat Schmidt
2nd Row Mary Jo Sodi Small, Beverly Fitch Starce, Sandra Hanselman Spahr, Karen Knudsen Stacey, Janis Jurgensen Meek, Richard Jensen, Richard Prewitt, Robert Johnson, Frank Ince, Mark Stacey, Russell Olsan, Ronald Smith, William Westlund, Richard Latch, Gene Bond, Beverly Switzer Johnson, ErmaDell Freel Jensen, Marna Pugh Ford
Attending, but arrived after photo was taken: Carol Frank Arpy and husband, Jim Chambers, MariAnn Moss, Warren Yoshida and wife, Janet
50th Reunion - Class of 1958 taken May 31, 2008
Photo by Stover Photographic Services   ( 515) 981-4217
Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Carole Davis, Leon Redko, Kay Mallicoat, Jim Wood, Russ Olsan, John Anneberg, Ernie Weatherington, Wade Johnston, Bill Westlund, Don Milinsky, Nancy Burgeson, Richard Jensen
2nd Row Barbara Shadley, Jimmye Bond, Linda Coy, Sharon Horrocks, Joan Sims, Janice Turpen, Eunice Bengtson, Susan Loy, Janene Edwards, Lynda Wright, Sandra Hanselman, Beverly Switzer, Barbara Griglone, Ellen Sue Frederiksen
3rd Row Helen Fortune, Beverly Fitch, Breta James, Donna Burrhus, Sheryl Playle, Debra Thornton, Nancy Stafford, Mariann Lyons, Carol Frank, Sue Rank, Nancy Goldberg, Richard Latch, Marna Pugh, Karen Knudsen, Dvorah Roitman, Sara Mathes, Sue Myklebust, Virginia Daly, Barbara Moran, Erma Dell Freel, Phil Dabner, Carol Howk, Janet Lindfelt
4th Row Carol McClellan, Mark Stacey, Jim Stewart, Don Kasner, Bob Ferguson
5th Row Janis Jurgensen, Bob Johnson, Gary Greenwood, Frank Ince, Steve Knode, John Wilson, Warren Yoshida, Gene Bond, Lou Fortino, Nelson Pearce, Chris Newell, Jim Chambers, Dick Prewitt, Judy McCarty, Donna Stover, Jan Morain
All photos above and below by Stover Photographic Services (515) 981-4217
Compliments of Charles Stover
Class of 1958 taken September 20, 2003
Photo by Stover Photographic Services   ( 515) 981-4217
Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Carolyn Evans, Nancy Stafford, Gerry Wade, Carol Frank, Carol Howk, Lynda Wright, Marian Mann, Breta James, Kay Mallicoat, Kay Whipple, Janet Lindfelt
2nd Row Larry Fiscus, Nancy Summers, Sandra Hanselman, Patricia Replogle, Carol McClellan, Judy Estes, Liz Jensen, Barbara Borg, Linda Coy, Barbara Shadley, Karen Knudsen, Nancy Burgeson, Janis Jurgensen, Erma Dell Freel, Richard Jensen, Richard Latch, Donna Burrhus, John Wilson
3rd Row Jan Morain, Don Milinski, Warren Yoshida, Sharon Horrocks, Phil Dabner, Lou Fortino, Frank Ince, Richard Prewitt, Jim Wood, Bill Westlund, John Anneberg, Mark Stacey, Terry Glanville
All photos above and below by Stover Photographic Services (515) 981-4217
Compliments of Charles Stover
frank and shan ince robert and janis jurgensen meek richard and erma dell freel jensen fred and carol frank arpy
Frank and Shan Ince Robert Meek,
Janis (Jurgensen) Meek
Richard Jensen,
Erma Dell (Freel) Jensen
Fred and
Carol (Frank) Arpy
mark and karen knudsen stacey dennis and lynda wright berk nancy burgeson, john wilson john and connie annenberg
Mark and Karen
(Knudsen) Stacey
Dennis and Lynda
(Wright) Berk
Nancy Burgeson,
John Wilson
John & Connie Anneberg
richard preweitt, pat sitterson bill and breta james westlund jesse and linda coy locke
Richard Prewitt,
Pat Sitterson
Bill and Breta
(James) Westlund
Jesse and Linda
(Coy) Locke
freel,fortino,hanselman guest,horrocks,aspy
Erma Dell Freel, Lou Fortino, Sandra Hanselman Guest, Sharon Horrocks, Fred Arpy
thomas and kay whipple mills, gene and kay mallicoat schmidt shadley,wade,estes,mcclellan
Thomas and Kay (Whipple) Mills,
Gene and Kay (Mallicoat) Schmidt
Barbara Shadley, Gerry Wade,
Judy Estes, Carol McClellan
Sharon Horrocks, Richard Latch,Terry Glanville
Photo: Compliments of and created by Richard Prewitt; [email protected]
Class of January, 1958 Class of January, 1958 Class of January, 1958
Class of January, 1958 Class of January, 1958 Class of January, 1958
Class of January, 1958 Class of January, 1958 Class of January, 1958
Class of January, 1958
Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Sharon Elaine Hickman, Nancy Sue Summers, Dottie Mae Pearson, Corrine Kay Parsons, Katherine Ann Buhrer, Dixie Lee Woods, Etheline Frances Goodman, Barb Ellen Simmons
2nd Row Jane Ann Martin, Mar Lena Ann Sonntag, Doug Albert Lorey, Janet Ann Lindfelt, Chriseeta Kay Newell, Nancy Ann Burgesen, Breta Lavon James, Annabelle Kay Lane, Rosalie Elmire Johnson, Bob Eugene Edwards, Joan Lee Patterson
3rd Row Kay Ann Mallicoat, Maxine Rae Sellers, Deanna Mae McVay, Leon Edward Koeppel, Harry Dean Young, Louis Delbert Marshall, Ron Neal Hieb, Jim Albert Lillie, Marilyn Jeanne Miller, Jeanne Phyllis Rinne, Sybil Kay Linn, Donna Mae Babcock
4th Row John Carl Anneberg, X, Bert Billy Newsom, Jr., Gladys Deloris Cartwright, Michael Ann Davis, Verta Jean Stamper, Nancy Elaine Britton, Ron Lee Watson, Leonard Eugene Anderson, Ernie Nels Weatherington, John Meredith Lockridge, Arthur Gustave Prieb, Brian Augustus Thompson
5th Row Ed Dean Quiner, Suzanne Frances Alley, Kay Winifred Whipple, Judy Ann McCarty, Jim Willis Shafto, Jim Rodney Beardsley, John Lawrence Snodgrass, Ed William Chance, Charles Dale Anderson, Bill Edgar Woolery, Jim Barton Wood, Betty Jean McCarrell, Dennis Wayne Olson, Richard Leland Brumbaugh
6th Row Mike Arthur Levin, Janis Gay Jurgensen, Janet Pearl Morain, Ron Leroy Onnen, Russell George Olsan, Terry Edward Lockner, Mike Joseph Shelton, John Thomas Tucker, John Bridges McGrath, Wade Bruce Johnson, Don Edward Milinsky, Warren Bill Westlund, Ramona Dell Houston, Feliks Tarm, Dennis Charles Lass
Absent Helen Marie Fortune, Dwayne Virgle Kelce
Class of June, 1958
Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Al Hannah, Bob Ferguson, Bob Johnson, Roger Miller, Mark Stacey, Donovan Hanson, Anita Ellis, Arne Sogard, Julene Powell, Jon Neal, Bill Nelson, Jerry Davis, John Evans, Terry Glanville, Woodie Thompson, Jerry Wilhelm
2nd Row Joan Webster, Jean Webster, Dvorah Roitman, Barbara Davis, X, Nancy Stafford, Carol Watters, Sheila Richmond, Mariann Lyons, Sue Myklebust, Karen Erickson, Saundra Graham, Sandra Clark, Elaine Webb, X, X, Bev Switzer, X
3rd Row Jimmye Bond, X, Carol Breeding, Geraldine Wade, Virginia Daly, Louise Beugin, Barbara Shadley, Marna Pugh, X, Pat Fisch, Virginia Clark, X, X, Ellen Sue Frederiksen, X, Pat Kuskulis, X, Jeanette Morris, Joyce Morris
4th Row Russ Darr, Lynda Wright, X, X, Sara Mathes, Jean Hamilton, Carol Frank, Elizabeth Jenses, Joann Marshall, Sherry Gegner, Eunice Bengtson, Deanna Norris, Barbara Griglione, X, Carolyn Evans, Joan Sims, Sandra Sales, X, Joyce Payne, Gloria McCracken
5th Row Jim Stewart, Carol McClellan, Debra Thornton, Beverly Fitch, Nancy Goldberg, Shirley Phillips, DeLaine Morgan, Judy Olds, Madeline McKenna, X, Warren Yoshida, Sandra Hanselman, Barbara Moran, Carol Howk, Marian Mann, X, X, Lynn Son De Regger, Perry Moore, Larry Roberts, X, Donna Cramer
6th Row X, Patricia Travis, Janene Edwards, X, Carol Sue Rank, John Ethington, X, Fred Steele, Ed Smith, Don Roush, Larry Fiscus, Gary Raymond, John Wilson, Dick Prewitt, Floyd Evans, Tom Beadle, Shirley Berry, Al Burns, Wilbert Caswell, X, Marcene Manny, Janice Turpin
7th Row X, X, X, Donna Foss, X, Sharon Baker, Sharon Allen, Barb Borg, Ivor Austin, Jerry Aamoth, John Cokins, Larry Moses, Tom McClellan, Gary Greenwood, Frank Ince, Don Pett, X, Mary Larson, X, X, X, X, Gail Fuchs
8th Row Gene Bond, Steve Knode, Richard Latch, John Havnen, Richard Bilsland, Linda Coy, X, X, Maruta Birznieks, Donna Burrhus, Mary Krietlow, Sheryl Playle, Sue Krantz, X, Richard Jensen, Nelson Pearce, Lynn Goetsch, Erma Dell Freel, David Bennett, Kenneth Richardson, Ron Ware, Harry Scott, Steve Bowers
9th Row Ray Peterson, X, Carolyn Morley, Catherine Morley, Anita Fortune, X, Karen Knudsen, Virginia Lathrum, Kathleen Rutherford, Jim Chambers, Keith Olson, Jim Wilhelm, Judy Mosely, John Montgomery, Lou Fortino, Gilds Gates, Donna Lee Stover, Judy Estes, X, Dennis Nelson, William Walker, James Sloan, Phil Dabner, Art Baker
enlarged left side of June grad photo enlarged left side of June grad photo enlarged left side of June grad photo
enlarged left side of June grad photo enlarged left side of June grad photo enlarged left side of June grad photo
enlarged left side of June grad photo enlarged left side of June grad photo enlarged left side of June grad photo
left side of graduation picture above/enlarged
enlarged right side of June grad photo enlarged right side of June grad photo enlarged right side of June grad photo
enlarged right side of June grad photo enlarged right side of June grad photo enlarged right side of June grad photo
enlarged right side of June grad photo enlarged right side of June grad photo enlarged right side of June grad photo
right side of graduation picture above/enlarged
January class numbered 74; June class numbered 196; August class numbered 13 = Total of 283
Photo: Compliments of Richard Prewitt
"At the Hop" sheet music
Graduates - January, 1958 (numbered 74)
Allen, Suzanne Frances James, Breta Lavon McCarty, Judith Ann Shafto, James Willis
Anderson, Charles Dale Johnson, Rosalie Elmira McGrath, John Bridges Shelton, Michael Joseph
Anderson, Leonard Eugene Johnson, Wade Bruce McVay, Deanne Mae Simmons, Barbara Ellen
Anneberg, John Carl Jurgensen, Janis Gay Milinsky, Donald Edward Snodgrass, John Lawrence
Babcock, Donna Mae Kelce, Dwayne Virgle Miller, Marilyn Jeanne Sonntag, Mar Lena Ann
Beardsley, James Rodney Koeppel, Leonem Edward Morain, Janet Pearl Stamper, Verta Jean
Britton, Nancy Elaine Lane, Annabelle Kay Newell, Chriseeta Kay Summers, Nancy Sue
Brumbaugh,Richard Leland Lass, Dennis Charles Newsom, Bert William, Jr. Tarm, Feliks
Buhrer, Katherine Ann Levin, Michael Arthur Olsan, Russell George Thompson, Brian Augustus
Burgeson, Nancy Ann Lillie, James Albert Olson, Dennis Wayne Tucker, John Thomas
Cartwright,Gladys Deloris Lindfelt, Janet Ann Onnen, Ronald Leroy Watson, Ronald Lee
Chance, Edward William Linn, Sybil Kay Parsons, Corinne Kay Weatherington,Ernest Nels
Davis, Michael Ann Lockner, Terry Edward Patterson, Joan Lee Westlund, Warren William
Edwards, Robert Eugene Lockridge, John Meredith Pearson, Dorothy Mae Whipple, Kay Winifred
Fortune, Helen Marie Lorey, Douglas Albert Priebe, Arthur Gustave Wood, James Barton
Goodman,Etheline Frances Mallicoat, Kay Ann Quiner, Edward Dean Woods, Dixie Lee
Hickman, Sharon Elaine Marshall, Louis Delbert Rinne, Jean Phyllis Woolery, William Edgar
Hieb, Ronald Neal Martin, Jane Ann Sellers, Maxine Rae Young, Harry Dean
Houston, Ramona Dell McCarrell, Betty Jean x x
Graduates - June, 1958 (numbered 197)
Aamoth, Jerry Arthur Ferguson, Robert Warren Mann, Marian Kay Richmond, Sheila Jane
Allen, Sharon Kay Fisch, Patricia Jane Manny, Margaret Marcene Roberts, Larry Gene
Austin, Ivor Mardel Fiscuc, Larry Ray Marshall, Joann Kathleen Roitman, Dvorah Esther
Baker, Arhtur William, Jr. Fitch, Beverley Carlene Martin, Joyce Earlene Roszell, Maxine Kay
Baker, Sharon Kaye Fortino, Louis, Jr. Mathes, Sara Beth Roush, Ronald Eugene
Beadle, Thomas Stephen Fortune, Anita Irene McClellan, Carol Jean Rowland, Douglas Daniel
Bengston, Eunice Elaine Foss, Donna Gene McClellan, Craig Thomas Rutherford, Kathleen
Bennett, David Wayne Frank, Carol Lee McCracken, Gloria Jean Sales, Sandra Kaye
Berry, Shirley May Frederiksen, Ellen Sue McKenna, Madeline Joan Sanders, Donna Marie
Beugin, Louis Paul Freel, Erma Dell McKinney, Donna Gail Schmidt, Jeannette Marie
Bilsland, Richard Ray Fuchs, Gail May McKowen, Mary Ann Shock, Nancy Lee
Birznieks, Maruta Gates, Gilda McLeran, Nile Clark Scott, Harry Alan
Bond, Eugene Spencer Gegner, Sherry Lynn Meyers, Gerald Leroy Shadley, Barbara Jean
Bond, Jimmye Louise Gilmore, Judith Dianne Miller, Roger Lee Sheesley, Velma Arlene
Borg, Barbara Ione Glanville, Terrance John Montgomery,John Edwin,Jr. Sims, Joan Lorene
Bowers, Steven Paul Goetsch, Marilyn Lynn Moore, Perry Wendell Sloan, James Robinett
Breeding, Carol Ann Goldberg, Nancy Jean Moran, Barbara Jo Smith, Edwin Leroy
Breeding, Patricia Ann Goodell, Carol Virginia Morgan, DeLaine Helen Smith, Ronald Dean
Brown, Robert Dennis Graham, Saundra Sue Morley, Carolyn June Sodi, Mary Joan
Burns, Albert Leroy Greenwood, Gary Richard Morley, Cathryn Jane Sogard, Arne Lewis
Burns, Karma Kay Grief, Janet Kay Morris, Jeanette Jay SonDeRegger,Lynne Sue
Burrhus, Donna Rae Griglione, Barbara Elaine Morris, Joyce May Stacey, Mark Lynn
Cartwright, Carolyn Parker Hamilton, Jean Carole Moseley, Judith Anne Stafford, Nancy Kay
Caswell, Wilbert Nolan Hanna, Harry Allen Moses, Larry Ronald Steele, Fred Cecil
Chambers, Don William Hanselman, Sandra Leone Murray, Mary Catherine Stewart, James Anthony
Chambers, James Ripley, Jr. Hanson, Donovan Dean Myklebust, Susan Kay Stone, Phyllis Joan
Clark, Sandra Sue Hatfield, L. Dawn Neal, Jon James Stover, Donna Lee
Clark, Virginia Louise Havnen, John Key Nelson, Dennis Craig Switzer, Beverly Jean
Cokins, John William Hedrick, Phyllis L. Nelson, William M. Thompson,Woodrow Woodie
Cook, Pauline Sue Hohl, Eve Lorrene Norris, Deanna Louise Thornton, Debra Jean
Coy, Linda Ann Holmes, Carolyn Sue Olds, Judith Ann Toulouse, Dennis Julian
Cramer, Donna Lee Horrocks, Sharon Rae Olson, Keith Arthur Travis, Patsy Ann
Cunningham,Patricia Charlene Hoshida, Warren Payne, Joyce Collee Turpen, Janice Marie
Dabner, Phillip Eugene Howk, Carole Ann Pearce, William Nelson Wade, Geraldine Irene
Daly, Virginia Anne Ince, Frank William Peterson, Raymond Arthur Walker, William Robert
Darner, Phillip Eugene Jensen, Olivia Elizabeth Pett, Donald Thomas Ware, William Ronnie
Darr, Russell Dain Jensen, Richard Leroy Phillips, Shirley Ann Watters, Carol Annazella
Davis, Barbara Ann Johnson, Robert Leroy Pike, James Howard Webb, Elaine Louise
Davis, Carole Jean Johnston, Lois Joy Playle, Sheryl Lynne Webb, Yvonne Kay
Davis, Jerry Edward Knode, Stephen Lee Powell, Julene Marie Webster, Jean Ethel
Devries, Marilyn Kay Knudsen, Karen Rae Prewitt, Richard Arthur Webster, Joan Florence
Edwards, Janene Kay Krantz, Sue Elizabeth Pugh, Marna Gay West, Barbara Lou
Ellis, Anita Lucille Krietlow, Mary Jane Rank, Carole Sue Whitcomb, Joyce Dianne
Ellis, Patricia Ann Kuskulis, Patricia Ann Raymond, Gary Duane Wilhelm, James Downey
Erickson, Karen Lee Larson, Mary Elizabeth Raymond, Judith Mae Wilhelm, Jerry Duane
Ethington, John Merrill Latch, Richard Boyd Redick, Marilyn Jean Wilson, John Boardman
Euritt, Larry Lee Lathrum, Virginia Lee Redko, Leonid Wright, Lynda May
Evans, Carolyn Jo Lee, Vera Ann Replogle, Patricia Anne Yoshida, Warren
Evans, Floyd Lee Lyons, Mariann Rice, Mary Ann Zugg, Karen Jane
Evans, John Alan Maloney, Karen Kae Richardson, Kenneth Dale x
Graduates - August, 1958 (numbered 13)
Enos, Janet Mae Kirkendall, Betty Louise McQuerry, Patricia Ann Soules, Donna Lee
Hendrix, Mary Ann Loy, Susan Marie Miller, Richard Edwin Uetz, Judith Jeanne
Hurlbut, Sharon Kay Marker, David Warren Noyes, Richard Orland Webb, Clifford Lee
Kasner, Don Robert x x x
In Memoriam
Class of January/June/August, 1958
January, 1958
Anderson, Charles Dale (d.09/22/13) 2013 Lockridge, John Meredith (d.12/85) 1985
Anderson, Leonard Eugene (d.11/07/97) 1997 Martin, Jane Ann (Carstens) (d.04/23/15) 2015
Buhrer, Katherine Ann (d.01/85) 1985 McCarrell, Betty Jean (d.11/11/06) 2006
Burgeson,NancyAnn(Fournier/Anderson)12/7/19 2019 Milinsky, Donald Edward (d.03/23/13) 2013
Fortune, Helen Marie (Bailiff) (d.08/27/22) 2022 Newsom, Bert William, Jr. (d.12/06/98) 1998
Hieb, Ronald Neal (d.12/22/09) 2009 Onnen, Ronald Leroy (d.03/08/15) 2015
Houston, Ramona Dell (d.12/28/07) 2007 Pearson, Dorothy Mae (Carlson) (d.12/87) 1987
Johnson, Wade Bruce (d.04/11/20) 2020 Quiner, Edward Dean (d.08/07/13) 2013
Kelce, Dwayne Virgle (d.04/17/78) 1978 Rinne, Jean Phyllis (Davis) (d.05/18/04) 2004
Lane, Annabelle Kay (d.04/25/07) 2007 Summers, Nancy Sue (Schumacher) (d.08/11/14) 2014
Lass, Dennis Charles (d.12/13/13) 2013 Thompson, Brian Augustus (01/14/15) 2015
Lillie, James Albert (d.09/87) 1987 Tucker, John Thomas (d.12/15/96) 1996
Linn, Sybil Kay (d.05/10/14) 2014 Westlund, Warren William (d.08/18/22) 2022
June, 1958
Aamoth, Jerry Arthur (d.03/13/08) 2008 McClellan, Craig Thomas (d.06/15/10) 2010
Austin, Ivor Mardel (d.09/09/99) 1999 McKinney, Donna Gail (Nelson) (d. 09/02/05) 2005
Beadle, Thomas Stephen (d.01/10/08) 2008 Moore, Perry Wendell (d.12/23/86) 1986
Bennett, David Wayne (d.04/04/15) 2015 Morgan, DeLaine Helen (d.03/30/90) 1990
Beugin, Louis Paul (d.08/31/14) 2014 Morley, Cathryn Jane (McBee) (d.08/08/17) 2017
Burns, Karma Kay (Dyke) (d.08/25/04) 2004 Moseley, Judith Anne (Pirnot) (d.08/16/180 2018
Burrhus, Donna Rae (Thompson) (d.02/06/18) 2018 Neal, Jon James (d.09/05/01) 2001
Cartwright, Carolyn Parker (d.03/04/02) 2002 Olds, Judith Ann (Chaney) (d.06/24/12) 2012
Cokins, John William (d.05/25/02) 2002 Payne, Joyce Collee (d.03/24/03) 2003
Dabner, Phillip Eugene (d.07/30/10) 2010 Peterson, Raymond Arthur (d.11/23/13) 2013
Darr, Russell Dain (d.1998) 1998 Phares, Judy Rae (Letze) (d.06/14/98) 1998
Davis, Barbara Ann (Barnett) (d.) Pike, James Howard (d.02/12/01) 2001
Davis, Jerry Edward (d.10/01/17) 2017 Raymond, Gary Duane (d.09/22/06) 2006
Evans, John Alan (d.02/17/07) 2007 Richardson, Kenneth Dale (d.06/13/01) 2001
Ferguson, Robert Warren (d.06/22/12) 2012 Rutherford,Kathleen (Jungling) (d.12/24/90) 1990
Fortino, Louis, Jr. (d.06/30/15) 2015 Smith, Edwin Leroy (d.05/24/04) 2004
Foss, Donna Gene (Lofgren) (d.11/26/13) 2013 SonDeRegger, Lynne Sue (d.12/27/98) 1998
Frederiksen, Ellen Sue (Strand) (d.12/20/13) 2013 Steele, Fred Cecil (d.07/17/15) 2015
Gates, Gilda (d.05/01/12) 2012 Thompson,Woodrow Woodie (d.04/04/11) 2011
Glanville, Terrence John (d.02/08/09) 2009 Thornton, Debra Jean (Peck/Pulos) (d.05/19/20) 2020
Hanson, Donovan Dean (d.10/09/06) 2006 Toulouse, Dennis Julian (d.09/13/90) 1990
Havnen, John Key (d.05/15/84) 1984 Travis, Patsy Ann (Welder) (d.08/25/14) 2014
Hedrick, Phyllis L. (Utnage) (d.08/01/10) 2010 Turpen, Janice Marie (Veach,Hakanson) (d.02/22/20) 2020
Hohl, Eve Lorrene (Barr-Spencer) (d.11/15/16) 2016 Ware, William Ronnie (d.09/06/17) 2017
Jensen, Olivia Elizabeth (Ibsen) (d.07/07/19) 2019 Webb, Elaine Louise (Logan) (d.12/18/87) 1987
Krantz,Sue Elizabeth(Scott) (d.11/27/97) 1997 Wilhelm, Jerry Duane (d.01/09/68) 1968
Manny, Margaret Marcene (Driffill) (d.08/30/95) 1995 Wilhelm, Jim Downey (d.10/28/97) 1997
Marshall, Joann Kathleen (d. 09/05/05) 2005 Wright, Lynda May (Berk) (d.10/25/18) 2018
August, 1958
Hurlbut, Sharon Kay (d.09/16/05) 2005 Noyes, Richard Orland (d.10/27/16) 2016
McQuerry, Patricia Ann (Hill) (d.11/15/11) 2011 Soules, Donna Lee (Brockman) (d.02/03/21) 2021
Miller, Richard Edwin (d.05/27/06) 2006 Uetz, Judith Jeanne (Carter) (d.01/12/86) 1986
For further input, please email me at [email protected]
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Class of 1921 Pictures
Class of 1922 Pictures
Class of 1923 Pictures
Class of 1924 Pictures
Class of 1925 Pictures
Class of 1926 Pictures
Class of 1927 Pictures
Class of 1928 Pictures
Class of 1929 Pictures
Class of 1930 Pictures
Class of 1931 Pictures
Class of 1932 Meetings Pictures
Class of 1933 (60th reunion), 1993 Pictures
Class of 1934 Meetings Pictures
Class of 1935, (60th reunion), 1995 Pictures
Class of 1936, (50th reunion), 1986 Pictures
Class of 1937, (60th reunion), 1997 Pictures
Class of 1938, (50th reunion), 1988 Pictures
Class of 1939, (66th reunion), 2005 Pictures
Class of 1940, (50th reunion), 1990 Pictures
Class of 1941, (60th reunion), 2001 Pictures
Class of 1942, (45th reunion), 1987 Pictures
Class of 1943, (65th reunion), 2008 Pictures
We want you! Class of 1944, (65th reunion), 2009 Pictures
Class of 1945, (60th reunion), 2005 Pictures
We want you! Class of 1946, (65th reunion), 2011 Are we describing you?
Class of 1947, (60th reunion), 2007 Pictures
Class of 1948, (60th reunion), 2008 Pictures
Class of 1949, (70th reunion), 2019 Pictures
Class of 1950, (60th reunion), 2010 Pictures
Class of 1951, (60th reunion), 2011 Are we describing you?
Class of 1952, (65th reunion), 2017 Pictures
Class of 1953, (grad pictures, lists) Pictures
Class of 1953, (10th reunion), 1963 Pictures
Class of 1953, (30th reunion), 1983 Pictures
Class of 1953, (40th reunion), 1993 Pictures
Class of 1953, (50th reunion), 2003 Pictures
    Class of 1953, (60th reunion), 2013 Pictures
We want you! Class of 1954, (60th reunion), 2014 Are we describing you?
We want you! Class of 1955, (60th reunion), 2015 Are we describing you?
Class of 1956, (60th reunion), 2016 Pictures
Class of 1957, (60th reunion), 2017 Pictures
Class of 1958, (60th reunion), 2018 Pictures
Class of 1959, (60th reunion), 2019 Pictures
Class of 1960, (60th reunion), 2020 Pictures
Class of 1961, (55th reunion), 2016 Pictures
Class of 1962, (60th reunion), 2022 Pictures
Class of 1963, (55th reunion), 2018 Pictures
Class of 1964, (55th reunion), 2019 Pictures
Class of 1965, (50th reunion), 2015 Pictures
Class of 1966, (50th reunion), 2016 Pictures
Class of 1967, (50th reunion), 2017 Pictures
Class of 1968, (50th reunion), 2018 Pictures
Class of 1969, (50th reunion), 2019 Pictures
Class of 1970, (51st reunion), 2021 Pictures
Class of 1971, (40th reunion), 2011 Pictures
Class of 1972, (50th reunion), 2022 Pictures
    Class of 1973, (50th reunion), 2023 Pictures
We want you! Class of 1974, (45th reunion), 2019 Are we describing you?
Class of 1975, (40th reunion), 2015 Pictures
Class of 1976, (40th reunion), 2016 Pictures
Class of 1977, (35th reunion), 2012 Pictures
Class of 1978, (35th reunion), 2013 Pictures
Class of 1979, (40th reunion), 2019 Pictures
Class of 1980, (30th reunion), 2010 Pictures
Class of 1981 Pictures
Class of 1982 Pictures
Class of 1983, (30th reunion), 2013 Pictures
Class of 1984, (25th reunion), 2009 Pictures
Class of 1985, (30th reunion), 2015 Pictures
Class of 1986, (30th reunion), 2016 Pictures
Class of 1987, (30th reunion), 2017 Pictures
Class of 1988, (20th reunion), 2008 Pictures
We want you! Class of 1989, (20th reunion), 2009 Are we describing you?
Class of 1990, (20th reunion), 2010 Pictures
Class of 1991 Pictures
Class of 1992, (20th reunion), 2012 Pictures
Class of 1993 Pictures
Class of 1994, (15th reunion), 2009 Pictures
Class of 1995, (10th reunion), 2005 Pictures
Class of 1996, (10th reunion), 2006 Pictures
Class of 1997 Pictures
Class of 1998 Pictures
Class of 1999 Pictures
Class of 2000, (10th reunion), 2010 Pictures
Class of 2001 Names
    Class of 2002 Pictures
Class of 2003 Pictures
Class of 2004 Pictures
Class of 2005 Pictures
Class of 2006 Pictures
Class of 2007 Pictures
Class of 2008, (10th reunion), 2018) Pictures
Class of 2009 Pictures
    Class of 2010 Pictures
    Class of 2011 Pictures
    Class of 2012 Pictures
    Class of 2013 Pictures
    Class of 2014 Pictures
    Class of 2015 Pictures/names
    Class of 2016 Names
    Class of 2017 Names
    Class of 2018 Names
    Class of 2019 Names
    Class of 2020 Names
    Class of 2021 Names
    Class of 2022 Names
    Class of 2023 Names
    Class of 2024 Names

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