North Des Moines High School
Class of 1953
60th Reunion
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday;
August 30-September 1, 2013

  Picturing a Tradition
1889: Photo restored by Claradell Shedd    (1)   North High School (Forest Home), circa 1889
  (2)   North High School, circa 1890
  (3)   North High School, circa 1896
  (4)   North High School, circa 1912
  (5)   Open air school converted from a tuberculosis
             hospital to house art and music classes
  (6)   North High School, circa 1914
  (7)   North High School, circa 1915
  (8)   North High School, circa 1916
  (9)   North High School, circa 1914, taken 06/19/03
(10)   North High School, circa 1957, taken 06/19/03

Melissa Walker, Des Moines Register
Donna Love, Moulton Extended Learning Center
Mary Jane Dunphy Dunley
Claradell Gergely Shedd
North/September, 1889: Forest Home School  
1890: Photo restored by Claradell Shedd North's boudaries: 03/09
School boundaries:
Aurora on North; I-235 on South;
Four Mile Creek on East; Des Moines River on West
North/1890: first building at 8th & College  North High School Boundaries: 03/09
north high 1890  
North High, circa 1912 North High, circa 1912
North/1896: occupied in 1896 midst apple orchard
which inspired school colors of pink and green
 North/1912: From 1912 Oracle (8th & College)
1541 8th Street, Des Moines, IA 50314
 north high 1895
North: Open Air School added to campus North/1914: Can you find your home room? I can.
Photo restored by Claradell Shedd 1916: Photo restored by Claradell Shedd
1895 building in approximately 1915 Artist's oil rendition; circa 1916
Photo by Claradell Shedd Photo by Claradell Shedd
Our North; 8th & College: June 19, 2003  North High; 501 Holcomb Avenue: June 19, 2003
Photo by Deb Hunnell Cameron Photo by Deb Hunnell Cameron
New North Construction; March, 2012 New North Construction; March, 2012
New North High; September 1, 2013 New North High; September 1, 2013
The Class of 1953 thanks the members of the 2003 Reunion Committee for their countless efforts:
Norman Bone
Mary Jean Dunphy Dunley
Bill Haller
Sharon Willcockson McGraw
Beverly Gabriel Whipple
Annette Akes Wright
Mary Lou Anderson Young
The Class of 1953 thanks the members of the 2013 Reunion Committee for their countless efforts:
Mary Jean Dunphy Dunley
Sharon Willcockson McGraw
Claradell Gergely Shedd
throwing hat in air
We did it!
north high school; circa 1895-1957
1896 (built for $30,000) -1957; 8th & College.  May your memories be pleasant and frequent!
What fun it has been to have had you stop by the 50th Reunion pictorial album recalling memories of
past moments at North Des Moines High School!   May your days continue to be meaningful and many!

Claradell Gergely Shedd
Class of June, 1953
2313 Sahalee Drive East
Sammamish, Washington
(425) 868-0260

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with gratefulness and affection, Claradell

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